IWRAP Version 5.7.0


IWRAP Version 5.7.0 Has Been Released

We have just released the IWRAP Version 5.7.0. To use the IWRAP tool you will need a commercial license – if you don’t have a commercial license don’t hesitate to contact us for an online demonstration or a trial period by contacting us at  → iwrap@gatehouse.dk

Below we will exemplify some of the changes that has been made.

Version 5.7.0

1. When a new job is started it is automatically selected in the job list.

2. Fixed bug in “Traffic/Load and Mulltiply”

3. Now the accuracy of the grounding calculations can be controlled, default is tenth of a meter. If you have models with very detailed bathymetry it is recommended that you e.g. use ½ meter accuracy to speed up calculations. You can set the accuracy when you start a new job. The accuracy is stored in the model.

4. Added a spatial indexing scheme to the grounding calculations. Tests indicate that the performance is increased by a factor around 3-4 for the grounding calculations. The index is enabled by default, it is possible to enable/disable it here:

5. Fixed problem with movie generator, movie width and height must be even numbers. An error will be displayed if this is not the case.

6. The save HTML feature in the job list now also saves files as CSV.

For more information or a trial period, please contact us at → iwrap@gatehouse.dk

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