Inmarsat World 2017


Networking, Knowledge Sharing and Disruption in the SatCom Industry

On November 6-8 we participated in the Inmarsat World Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. We met with customers and partners, attended great presentations and were updated on Inmarsat’s strategy for the coming year.

A theme particularly worth mentioning from conference is ‘Disruption’. The term, coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market and then relentlessly moves up market, eventually displacing established competitors. It seemed a general understanding that disruption is challenging the entire satcom industry – we all need to figure out how to ride the wave instead of succumbing to it, as the changes over time will be significant.

As mentioned, the conference featured many interesting presentations as well as workshops on all things satcom. We contributed with a very popular session on the basics of developing in satcom and co-hosted a BRM Hands-on session together with SpaceCom, TTPCom and Inmarsat.

At our booth, in the exhibition area of the conference, we offered live demonstrations of the BGAN Application Tester and the Global Xpress Link Emulator.

The hands-on experience makes for great conversations regarding the many different uses of the off-air test tools. Some found that their customers would benefit from the opportunity to perform off-air covert testing before deploying their equipment and applications. An example of this could be in the oil and gas drilling industry, where exploration and test of new sites is often done in a rush, simply due to the risk of being seen by competitors. Others saw potential for Fleet Broad Band or Fleet Xpress applications data optimisation and quality verification in a controllable and reproducible environment. Yet others simply sought to decrease their cost of demonstrating their solutions to potential customers off-air while still providing full insight into different on-air network scenarios.


More and more are seeing the potential of the off-air test tools, due to the wide range of use, as well as the opportunities they provide for cost optimization both in the development and sales process of terminals and applications.

See you next year!

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