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Are you ready to ignite your startup with the right setup?



…have a great B2B software idea and ambitions to make it grow and scale into a new market technology. Maybe it even creates a new digital standard in its market, and maybe it totally disrupts ways of doing things.

You can be at the idea and concept state and need skilled people to find the right technology solution or market approach. Or maybe you already have customers, and now you need the right power and competence to make it scale into a real market success.



…have more than 25 years of experience in B2B software and an organization with highly skilled people within software architecture, software development, business development, sales, marketing, legal, economics, etc.

We develop mission critical software solutions which are sold on all continents. Our customers are some of the world’s large players within the fields of maritime, land transport and satellite communications.

We have experience in developing and scaling new business ideas into successes. And now we will invest our competence and experiences in ambitious startups.



…we can create the right setup to make your startup win!

With your idea, ambitions and drive and our competence, know-how, network, and credibility, we can create a strong foundation together.

Our aim is to create a cooperation based on a strong business focus with B2B software as the main element. The opportunities are many – so let’s make the strongest solutions together…

Is your startup suitable for a cooperation with GateHouse Igniter?

B2B software focus

The core of your business concept is software targeted to B2B market segments.

Hardware might be a necessary component, but it is the software which creates the true value for your customers.

Technology for future market needs

Your technology concept is centered around a forward-looking approach meeting the market needs of tomorrow. Maybe focus is on a non-digitalized market segment that just awaits new technology solutions to improve performance.

Strong business model

You are aware that a strong business model is crucial to success. Maybe maybe you have already defined a business model that fits perfectly into your business and the market situation. Or maybe you still need the right business model to be created around your startup to secure the full potential.

Scalable business

The concept might be based on a Software as a service (SaaS) or a Data as a service (DaaS) approach. With the right technical setup and market approach, the solution is in principle scalable to unlimited extension.

The possible volume of customers and total available market is large. The concept makes sense in an international context and might reach the whole world.

Your startup needs the right competence

What you need now is the right team of competence and experience to make your startup win!

Maybe you need to define the right technical solution for your idea. Maybe you need to focus more on your vision, strategy or market approach to penetrate the market. Or maybe you just need a stable and experienced organization to stand behind you.

You want an active collaborator

You are ready for a collaboration with an active partner. That means you are also open for discussions and constructive criticism on your business to make possible necessary improvements.

GateHouse Igniter is not a gift shop – it is an opportunity for a strong professional collaboration with one common goal: To create the right setup to make your startup WIN!

How it works:

GateHouse Igniter offers a cooperation where we will take part in your startup for a period of time to support you with the right competence and experience to ignite and accelerate your startup!

Through an initial and individual selection process, we carefully select the startups where we believe we can contribute to make a significant difference within a few years.

We are a straight forward and down to earth collaborator who always talk open about business. A collaboration with us does not limit you from collaborating with other relevant partners – ways of maximizing your potential is also in our interest.

Your situation and needs may be many. Maybe you are unsure whether you have the right market approach? Maybe you need a stable technology platform to scale? Maybe you need the right environment and sparring around you? Maybe you need a stable organization to stand behind you? Or maybe you need something else to maximize your success? 

Let’s get in contact and figure out if a collaboration with GateHouse Igniter is the right solution to MAKE YOUR STARTUP WIN!

(We will always sign a NDA when going into further dialog to keep your startup protected).


 You are always welcome to contact us for an informal and noncommittal talk about the possibilities for a collaboration.


Contact us directly via e-mail or phone or fill out the form below. 

Jens Yde

Telephone: 29284333

Jens has extensive experience within business development in the technology sector and has a sharp eye for methodologies for making effective and market oriented business development. He works on selecting the right startups to secure success for all parts. You can contact him for any matter concerning GateHouse Igniter.

Kristina Skovgaard Pedersen

Group Marketing and Business Development
Telephone: 22547998

Kristina comes from a position as marketing director but her passion and eye for innovation and market oriented concept development led her to GateHouse Igniter. She works on selecting the right startups to secure success for all parts. You can contact Kristina for any matter concerning GateHouse Igniter.

Michael Bondo Andersen

CEO, GateHouse Holding
Telephone: 70201909

Michael is founder and owner of GateHouse Group. He has more than 30 years of experience in doing succesful B2B software business. He is innovative and ambitious by nature and likes helping people he believes in and who really wants to make changes with disruptive technology.

We are excited to hear about your startup and to take a look if a cooperation is the right solution for both you and us...