The GLE Proves a Revelation at VT iDirect

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“Invaluable tool for trialing applications, optimizing solutions testing and demonstrating”

We have received a ringing endorsement of the Global Xpress Emulator (GLE) tool from the industry leader within satellite-based broadband access solutions, VT iDirect. The latest endorsement follows that of Inmarsat earlier this year recommending the emulator to its partners for testing all Global Xpress (GX) applications and solutions off-air without a terminal.


“When I first came across the concept of the GateHouse GX Emulator, I was impressed, but using it has proved a revelation. It’s small enough to slip into a laptop bag unnoticed, is lightweight and easily held in the palm of the hand. Once up and running, it can replicate any GX package allowing end users, partners and anyone else in the distribution channel to see first-hand what those packages provide,” says Dave Davis, Senior Systems Engineer, VT iDirect

He adds: “We can also manipulate GX packages to fit bespoke needs. The data usage and statistics tools allows comparison of packages and decide which is best for a specific use-case. Rain effects, blockage conditions, congestion, etc. can also be added to test and demonstrate using real life scenarios. In addition, the GLE has a great feature allowing configuration of Quality of Service (QoS) metrics to see in real-time how they affect traffic.”

Davis concludes: “The GLE is an ideal tool to test applications against GX packages and to optimize them without having to set up expensive over-the air sessions. It allows you to conduct demos without line of sight and without the need to transport and set up GX terminals. I can see the GX Emulator being an invaluable tool for trialing applications, optimizing solutions testing and demonstrating pretty much any scenario or end user application easily, reliably and accurately.”

“Clearly, GateHouse Telecom is delighted to learn of VT IDirect’s experience of using our GLE tool and how it helps them to replicate any GX package in any scenario,” adds GateHouse Telecom’s Tine P. Pedersen, Sales Director, Satellite Communication. “It’s proving a remarkable tool for GX application vendors saving them substantial time and money in bringing their solutions to market.”

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Global Xpress Link emulator

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