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100.000+ Terminals Licensed With GateHouse Protocol Stack

The satcom waveform and test tool company, GateHouse Telecom, recently reached a major milestone licensing Inmarsat BGAN terminal number 100.000.

In March 2019, GateHouse Telecom licensed its 100.000 Inmarsat BGAN terminal and estimates that GateHouse IP covers 50 % of all BGAN terminals on the market. The terminals are applied globally in all segments of the mobile satellite services; land, maritime, offshore, aeronautic, enterprise, space, government and military. GateHouse Telecom is a major contributor of protocol expertise in the Inmarsat community and plays a significant role in bringing terminals to the market as well as supporting the requirements for testing of terminals prior to launch.

“Our journey began in 1999 with a contract to develop a protocol stack for Inmarsat GAN, Global Area Network. The successful cooperation led to GateHouse Telecom being chosen as a horizontal supplier of the protocol stack for BGAN, Broadband Global Area Network, which was launched with the I-4 satellites in 2005,” said Thomas S. Jensen, Director of GateHouse Telecom.

With the company’s extensive experience from development of waveforms for the most used mobile satellite system, GateHouse Telecom has proven an ability to successfully serve customers and end-users with mission critical communication needs in remote and hostile environments.

The achievement of more than 100.000 terminals based on the GateHouse Protocol Stack validates the quality of not only GateHouse Telecom’s development efforts but also the longevity of the BGAN system. Inmarsat BGAN is a very mature and reliable system that has been able to hold its own against the pressure from other competing systems, in the beginning with maritime safety solutions and subsequently with a variety of emerging service offerings. Over the years, GateHouse Telecom has worked closely with Inmarsat to support protocol development to encompass development of new and advanced features.

As a result of many years of experience working in the satellite domain, and with waveform software utilized in all the segments of satellite communications, GateHouse Telecom has accumulated extensive knowledge of communications software.

The satellite market is looking into an exciting future where satellite communication and connectivity via satellites will play a far greater role than today. GateHouse Telecom will use all its experience and knowledge to support the increasing demand for connectivity in future applications.

“Software solutions for the BGAN network is still one of GateHouse Telecom’s core businesses and we recently delivered our 100.000 BGAN protocol stack, and our software is now embedded in approximately half of the satcom terminals on the market. This has given us a great foundation and expertise in satellite communications, from which we are forming our business strategy to the future of the market, which will be shaped by the ongoing NewSpace revolution,” Thomas S. Jensen explained.

“The revolution, for instance the use of low-cost satellites, will open the mobile satellite market for more than just a few network operators, and software developers like us need to be ready for that. Therefore, we are currently working on initiatives that will support applications in a much more diverse satellite communications market.”

“Our long history of developing mission critical communications solutions software for the satellite market has given GateHouse Telecom a strong technical foundation and we look forward to catering the needs of the mobile satellite industry for many years to come.”

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