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Board & Management

Executive board of directors

Michael Bondo Andersen
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of GateHouse.

Michael Bondo Andersen has founded GateHouse in 1992 and is managing director leading operations and development in GateHouse.

Kenney Vesteraa Christiansen
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Thomas S. Jensen
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
GateHouse Telecom A/S

Thomas has a long track history in GateHouse and has been broadly involved in activities in the different business areas. From 2011 Thomas has specialized within sales and business development in GateHouse Telecom before taking a leading position in GateHouse Telecom in 2014.
Before entering GateHouse, Thomas has been a project leader handling larger international software projects e.g. within sortation systems for luggage in airports.
Thomas has a strong view on operation, execution and development of business.

Poul Bondo
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
GateHouse Maritime A/S

Poul has more than 20 years of experience within software solutions for the maritime sector. He is highly specialized within his business area and has extensive experience in engineering complex customer solutions for systems and IT integration.
Poul has held a leading position in GateHouse Maritime since 2013. Previous Poul has been head of a small management consultancy agency and head of development department at Sagem Denmark. Past experiences also include Board member of GateHouse and Bruhn Newtech.

Board of directors

Jakob Axel Nielsen
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jacob Axel Nielsen has a background as barrister, former Minister of Health and Prevention and former Minister of Transport and Energy. He has long experience in advising companies as a lawyer, both representing traditional legal services as well as being an in-house lawyer at SONOFON (now Telenor).

Frank Winther
Frank Winther has more than 35 years of experience in the wireless and mobile satellite communication industry. He has had management positions at all levels at Thrane & Thrane for more than 25 years, and before that key positions at Dansk Radio, General Electric, Storno and Radiometer. He has facilitated several innovations within satellite, radar, short wave, mobile and trunked radio systems.

Jørgen B. Nielsen
Jørgen B. Nielsen has more than 20 years of experience with technical challenges and project execution in IT and Telecom. For a number of years he was head of technical product development at ETI A/S and following he was PMO director at Telenor Denmark – driving the strategic transformation and business project portfolio. Following a ramp up plan for GateHouse Logistics, the company was sold to Chicago based project44, where Jørgen now continues to lead the European growth in advanced visibility in supply chain.


Nina Movin
Vice chairman of the Board of Directors
CEO of Otto Mønsted A/S.

Mads Peter Lübeck
Mads Peter Lübeck works as a professional Chairman and Board Member in more than 10 companies. He has extensive experience in creating profitable growth in technology companies and is a former CEO and co-owner of TC Electronic A/S and InnoScan A/S.

Denis Viet-Jacobsen
CEO Solix ApS
Chairman Skiold Group A/S and Viet-Jacobsen Fonden
Member of the boards of Cembrit Group A/S, Geveko Markings AB, Hoyer Group A/S, KK Group A/S, Safalane Global Ltd., Carsoe Group A/S, Svanahøj Group A/S.

Søren Bondo Andersen