About GateHouse Group



About GateHouse Group
The group has three wholly-owned subsidiaries – GateHouse Logistics providing tracking solutions to the transportation industry, GateHouse Telecom for satellite communications, consulting and services, and GateHouse Maritime providing tracking solutions to maritime authorities, coastguards, ports and related businesses.

High quality software solutions

GateHouse delivers the software that guarantees effective and secure communication between systems – every time. That is why GateHouse supports live tracking and monitoring of more than 150.000 assets within different businesses and delivers mission critical solutions in satellite communication. Each day hundreds of companies and authorities all over the world depend on GateHouse.

Top Quality
GateHouse has a continuous focus on delivering high quality software – a focus which has become the company’s hallmark.

One of the many ways we ensure quality is by conforming to the International Standard DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 concerning quality management systems. Our latest certificate can be seen here.

Currently approximately 50 highly skilled M.Sc. and PhD are employed at GateHouse mainly within engineering and business development. All employees work targeted on the basis of strategy and action plans to ensure persistent quality and development.


A solid foundation
GateHouse was founded in 1992 by the current CEO, Michael Bondo Andersen, and has during the last decade risen to become a well-known international player in the software industry. GateHouse has references on all continents and is a stable and experienced partner with a strong economy.

Continuous development
GateHouse is developing in all business areas. Especially within tracking there has been a highly increased demand for advanced solutions which are met by the flexible ghTrack platform. The platform enables remarkable automations and process optimations in various business industries by integrating tracking and monitoring systems to make them flow together as one.