ESA CubeSat Industry Days 2019


GateHouse Telecom to present at ESA CubeSat Industry Days, June 4-6

Per Koch, Business Development Manager at GateHouse Telecom, will present at the 4th CubeSat Industry Days, June 6-7, 2019, Noordwijk, Holland. The presentation will be on the subject of: “Next generation communications solutions for small satellites.”

As cube-satellites and small-satellites in general are continuously proving their commercial value and quality of service, the utilization of small-satellites for commercial usages are gaining momentum around the world.

With this transition the industry faces the challenges of sustaining further growth and sustaining competitive. Technical regulation and reliable and sophisticated communications solutions become critical elements in facing those challenges.

The next generation of communications solutions for the small satellite industry will become increasingly advanced. And so, new technology development and adaptation of standards, features and functionality known from the established telecommunication industry will be required. With focus on IoT and M2M applications the transition towards commercial utilization of small-satellites, elements such as ‘easy deployment’ of ground terminals, scalability and autonomous constellation maintenance become significant.

The presentation will provide an overview of the advanced features required by next generation communications solutions and further discuss the technical regulatory aspects.


Per Koch, Business Development Manager at GateHouse Telecom.

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