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Data is shaping the supply chains of tomorrow. The challenge is to handle the huge amount of data from different systems. We have published an ebook giving our vision on how to bring data sanity to the entire supply chain.

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Bringing Data Sanity to the Supply Chain

November 1, 2017 in News

“In the supply chain everybody is data hungry.” says CEO Jesper Bennike in this video. However, it can be difficult to get access to and to find the right data. This challenge is discussed in this video published by Business Reporter of the Sunday Telegraph. Watch and hear more about how GateHouse Logistics is unifying […]

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Attending Magna Logistics Days, 2017

October 19, 2017 in Events

For the second year running, GateHouse Logistics took part in a partner event arranged by Magna for its staff, partners and suppliers. The theme of the event was “On the road to world class logistics” with the subtitles: “world class, innovation and leadership” Magna invited participants to contribute with ideas and input on how to […]

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Future demands for telematics providers on the agenda

October 12, 2017 in Events

As part of its global engagement programme with telematics providers, GateHouse Logistics recently attended the TelematicsConference SEEurope in Bratislavia, Slovakia. As an official speaker, we were delighted to arrange and lead a workshop, where we had the possibility to present and discuss with the participants our view on how disruptive technology such as Industry 4.0 […]

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