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Greater precision for the supply chain - AXIT and GateHouse Logistics establish technology partnership

The AX4 logistics platform will now offer even greater precision in estimating the arrival times of commercial and industrial shipments.

Jacob Leonhard Marquard, Partner Implementation Specialist, GateHouse Logistics (L) and Uwe Schumacher, VP Business Development, AXIT (R).

Frankenthal (Germany), March 25th, 2018 – The AX4 logistics platform will now offer even greater precision in estimating the arrival times of commercial and industrial shipments. That is thanks to a new technology partnership between AX4 provider AXIT and the Danish company GateHouse Logistics, which runs the telematics data service ghTrack®.

The move allows AXIT, a Siemens company, to provide digital supply chain management on an even more comprehensive scale. The telematics data supplied by GateHouse Logistics will make it possible to track and visualize the exact position of a shipment in real time on the AX4 platform.

“The integration of telematics data lets our users know exactly where the truck carrying the shipment is located at any given moment in time,” explains Uwe Schumacher, Vice President of Business Development at AXIT. Equipped with this knowledge, logistics providers can give their customers an even more precise ETA and augment their services to include additional data, such as temperature.

This enhanced precision and transparency in supply chain management comes about by integrating the cloud-based DaaS service ghTrack from the new technology partner GateHouse Logistics into the AX4 platform. ghTrack consolidates data from more than 400 telematics systems and makes this data available across all systems.

“The demand for visibility of logistics data increases every year as the supply chain moves relentlessly into the always-connected era,” says Jesper Bennike, CEO of GateHouse Logistics. “We are very pleased with this partnership with AXIT, as it extends the outreach of our ghTrack solution and will support its industry-wide adoption.”

AXIT views the new technology partnership as an unqualified win: “Our portfolios complement each other perfectly,” says Schumacher. “The expertise that GateHouse brings to the table will help us expand our services in the areas of supply chain execution and supply chain visibility.” This, says the AXIT VP, also benefits customers from the commercial and industrial sectors: “More precise ETA data lets them plan production processes better and manage their resources more efficiently.”



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