Automated AIS Notifications


Are you looking at several screens or browser tabs for maritime domain awareness?

How many tabs are open in your browser right now? Are you manually observing several areas, ships or events to be able to act when they occur? Do you feel a lack of overview and an overload of data? Could your time be spent more productively?

Several screens or browser tabs, in itself, is not a problem. This is how many maritime operators are supervising their maritime domain today. However, manual surveillance of live AIS targets is highly prone to human errors and more importantly it is an inefficient use of your time as a maritime operator. With automated event detection you can customize and automate event triggers to your exact operational needs, be it surveillance of a certain entry point, alerts in case of dangerous situations or notifications of ships entering protection zones.

GateHouse Maritime’s automated event detection includes:

  • Area events to detect when user-defined vessels enter and exit a zone. Through the use of sophisticated filters, users can define the event triggers so that only the vessel(s) meeting the criteria trigger the event.
  • Passage line events to trigger an alert when ship crosses a user-defined geo-fence.
  • Port events to notify when user-defined vessels enter and exit a selected port.
  • Configurable cable/pipeline area monitoring, and fishing activity detection events solutions.

Each event type can be configured to automatically notify operators via on-screen display, e-mail, and/or SMS. Operators are not required to manually observe their areas of interest – the system can automate the process. The system can also be configured to automatically notify ships via an AIS message if they perform and unwanted or dangerous behaviour. Each triggered event is stored in our database allowing operators to generate reports in support of their business needs or mandates.


You can define an area on the map where e.g. an alert is sent to one or more operators by e-mail or SMS.

Our automated event detection and alert tool increases maritime domain awareness whilst reducing information overload for operators.

If you would like to know more about our solutions you can contact us here.

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