5 Facts about Our Waveform Capabilities


From complete waveforms, to protocol stacks, frameworks and waveform components

For more than a decade, we have provided the satellite communications industry with a range of market-leading software products and development services for commercial, government and military markets.

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GX Apps – Fat v Lean Testing?

September 19, 2017 in Spotlight

A gamut of new Global Xpress technologies including new and existing applications are poised to enter the market following Inmarsat’s launch of its Global Xpress network. This will see the introduction of many new GX applications and services that will enforce the benefits of high speed connectivity which is so greatly in demand across all segments: […]

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Test Covertly and Avoid Exposure

August 16, 2017 in Spotlight

The battlefield is technology-driven for all the benefits it delivers. The rise of digital armies and soldiers embracing technology for real-time communications, surveillance and reconnaissance, telemedicine, mapping and analysis to get the big picture of what is happening on the ground continues unabated.

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The GLE Proves a Revelation at VT iDirect

July 13, 2017 in Press Release

We have received a ringing endorsement of the Global Xpress Emulator (GLE) tool from the industry leader within satellite-based broadband access solutions, VT iDirect.

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