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Today’s automotive manufacturing chains are turning to Industry 4.0 for smarter manufacturing and just-in-time deliveries. ghTrack is the automotive industry’s fast track to an intelligent, connected supply chain.

Is this you?

  • Lacking overview of transports and deliveries coming into your production facilities?
  • No knowledge of when inbound transports will arrive?
  • Unable to plan staffing levels accurately to handle inbound logistics?

ghTrack value proposition

  • Supporting JIT and JIS
  • Quick and precise overview of all deliveries in transit
  • Possibility of sharing real-time tracking data with customers
  • Improved security including alarm alerts if trailers are opened in unauthorized areas
  • Notifications when a transport is delayed or shows deviation from planned route

Case: Logistics for automotive industry

GateHouse Logistics and Cargobull Telematics in joint ambitious project for automotive manufacturing.

A Long Distance Just-in-Sequence (LD-JIS) tracking solution for new vehicle programs at Magna’s Steyr facility in Graz, Austria.



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Customer case

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Long Distance Just-in-Sequence Project

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Why ghArrival is the right solution for you

ghArrival is a ghTrack module enabling transparency in your supply chain. You’ll know when loads will be picked up, where they are at any given moment in the delivery process, and when they will be delivered.

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