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Integrated and independent tracking provides a so far non-existing transparency and visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Are you having difficulties pinpointing the position of transports? Tired of logging in and out of different telematics systems? Wasting time on calls for information on truck progress? ghTrack provides REAL-time tracking across all your transports and all your hauliers. It unifies data across all different telematics systems to make your fleet homogenous.

“GateHouse’s ghTrack platform is destined to become the technology unifier for the logistics industry.” Tim Phillips, CEO Freightex
“The pioneering work undertaken by GateHouse in developing its ghTrack integration portal for visualization of all logistics from whatever telematics system makes it the industry’s undisputed Interface Champion.” Prof. Dr. Heinz-Leo Dudek, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Ravensburg
“As an expanding international logistics company, the Heinloth Group must focus its operations on digitization and process optimization. The time-consuming and complex manual work currently being undertaken requires too much resource and time and is prone to human error.” Sebastian Prinzing, Manager of Projects, Heinloth Transport GmbH & Co. KG

ghTrack unifies data for you to enter industry 4.0. View our video introduction for further information:

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We are proud to present some of our references from all over the world:

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Sharing data with your customers has never been easier. Do as several of your colleagues and join our ghTrack platform. It is free of charge!

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Security Statement

Data and communication security is pivotal to GateHouse. This statement clarifies the security measures taken in the design and production of ghTrack.

GateHouse Logistics delivers solutions to a range of industries:


Get full visibility of the supply chain for your smart manufacturing processes. ghTrack bridges the knowledge gap of where supplies are and when they will arrive. If there are any delivery delays which impact your manufacturing process, you can alert other suppliers.
Automotive ›


Control and obtain precise knowledge about the location and condition of transports you are managing with ghTrack. Furthermore, you can securely share that vital data with selected partners.
Transportation ›


Any delays in receiving goods for whatever reason affects your business. You need ghTrack to give you a real time overview of all incoming and outgoing transports from your distribution centers to your warehouses.
Retail ›

Other Industries

ghTrack has wide applications in all industrial sectors. If you have high demands for your handling of transport and deliveries and want to increase transparency and efficiency in the supply chain, ghTrack is the perfect business solution.
Other Industries ›

Customize your ghTrack solution

ghTrack Platform is built of modules to enable you to customize a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

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We welcome IDS as co-exhibitor at our stand

May 4, 2017 in Events

  We are proud to share our stand with the Industrial Data Space Association (IDS) at transport logistic in Munich next week. As a member of IDS we are of course happy to host the organisation, and we are looking forward to welcoming all visitors at our stand with an interest in the pioneering work going […]

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GateHouse Logistics proposes Bill of Rights for Hauliers

April 19, 2017 in Press Release

Within its remit to unify telematics data distribution in the logistics industry, GateHouse Logistics today proposes a Bill of Rights for Hauliers to help them overcome any concerns about sharing telematics data with shippers. The firm sees data sharing as instrumental to the success of the coming Industry 4.0 revolution and clear rules for all […]

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Transport Logistics 2017 – we are ready!

April 18, 2017 in Events

Transport Logistics 2017 in Munich is getting close, and at GateHouse Logistics we are looking forward to meeting with existing and future customers and partners. We are eager to present our services and discuss the burning questions in transport and logistics. 

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